Dayton Metro Library

Address: 215 East Third Street, Dayton, OH 45402
Phone: 937-463-BOOK

The Dayton Metro Library brings people of all ages and backgrounds together to discover new things about the world, themselves, and each other. Within our Branches and beyond our walls, we are advocates for exploration, champions of literacy, and active facilitators of empowerment, inclusion, and positive change. Dayton Metro Library is a multi-branch library system serving 476,000 residents of the Dayton Metropolitan Area. It has 21 locations across the area as well as two bookmobiles. Among its many programs and services, the Dayton Metro Library system responds to member needs for information resources on career awareness and development and provides accessible assets through our branches and locations, technology, databases, and reservable meeting and tutoring spaces.

Job Seekers – Networking opportunity for displaced workers for professional and unemployed workers.
Reference USA – Company profiles for job seekers.
Classes – Computer basics and resume development (over 30 classes).
One-on-One – Career resource advising, resume reviews, email set-up, etc.
Career Cruising Databases – Assessment, career awareness, education readiness, financial aid.
Occupational Outlook Handbook – National career pathways and national trends.
Soft Skill Class Preparation for attending job fairs and job interviews.
Win Way – Resume, job preparation, and interview preparation software.
LYNDA.COM – Online courses in over 4,500 courses; a virtual H.R. university (video-tutorial with online testing).


LYNDA.COM – Certification for online training