Sales Representatives, Services, All Other

All services sales representatives not listed separately. Jobs may include Energy Broker, Energy Trader, Electricity Trader, Supply Manager, Senior Power Scheduler, Senior Energy Trader, Senior Energy Market Coordinator, Real Time Trader, Energy Scheduler, and Commodities Broker.

Fast Facts

Hourly Pay
Entry Level: $16.41/hr
Median: $22.91/hr
Experienced: $34.15/hr

Current Employment
2,914 (2019)

Projected Employment
2,936 (2030)

Growth for Sales Representatives, Services, All Other

2019 Jobs2030 JobsChange (2019-2030)% Change (2019-2030)

Industries Employing Sales Representatives, Services, All Other

IndustryOccupation Jobs in Industry (2019)% of Occupation in Industry (2019)% of Total Jobs in Industry (2019)
Computer Systems Design Services1966.7%4.4%
Electronics Stores1836.3%19%
Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals1796.1%8.9%
Custom Computer Programming Services1073.7%4.2%
Wired Telecommunications Carriers1043.6%8.7%

Occupational Tasks

  • Price energy based on market conditions. Green Task Statement
  • Negotiate prices or contracts for energy sales or purchases. Green Task Statement
  • Forecast energy supply and demand to minimize costs and maximize availability. Green Task Statement
  • Contact prospective buyers or sellers of power to arrange transactions. Green Task Statement
  • Monitor the flow of energy in response to changes in consumer demand. Green Task Statement