Medical Transcriptionists

Transcribe medical reports recorded by physicians and other healthcare practitioners using various electronic devices, covering office visits, emergency room visits, diagnostic imaging studies, operations, chart reviews, and final summaries. Transcribe dictated reports and translate abbreviations into fully understandable form. Edit as necessary and return reports in either printed or electronic form for review and signature, or correction.

Fast Facts

Hourly Pay
Entry Level: $14.53/hr
Median: $17.35/hr
Experienced: $20.85/hr

Current Employment
113 (2017)

Projected Employment
113 (2028)

Growth for Medical Transcriptionists

2017 Jobs2028 JobsChange (2018-2028)% Change (2018-2028)

Industries Employing Medical Transcriptionists

IndustryOccupation Jobs in Industry (2017)% of Occupation in Industry (2017)% of Total Jobs in Industry (2017)
Offices of Physicians (except Mental Health Specialists)2926.2%0.3%
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals2925.6%0.2%
Document Preparation Services<106.9%4.8%
Telemarketing Bureaus and Other Contact Centers<106.1%0.4%
All Other Business Support Services<103.7%4.3%

Occupational Tasks

  • Take dictation using shorthand, a stenotype machine, or headsets and transcribing machines.
  • Return dictated reports in printed or electronic form for physician’s review, signature, and corrections and for inclusion in patients’ medical records.
  • Review and edit transcribed reports or dictated material for spelling, grammar, clarity, consistency, and proper medical terminology.
  • Transcribe dictation for a variety of medical reports, such as patient histories, physical examinations, emergency room visits, operations, chart reviews, consultation, or discharge summaries.
  • Distinguish between homonyms and recognize inconsistencies and mistakes in medical terms, referring to dictionaries, drug references, and other sources on anatomy, physiology, and medicine.