Computer User Support Specialists

Provide technical assistance to computer users. Answer questions or resolve computer problems for clients in person, or via telephone or electronically. May provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word processing, electronic mail, and operating systems.

Fast Facts

Hourly Pay
Entry Level: $19.23/hr
Median: $23.34/hr
Experienced: $28.46/hr

Current Employment
1,974 (2019)

Projected Employment
2,178 (2030)

Growth for Computer User Support Specialists

2019 Jobs2030 JobsChange (2019-2030)% Change (2019-2030)

Industries Employing Computer User Support Specialists

IndustryOccupation Jobs in Industry (2019)% of Occupation in Industry (2019)% of Total Jobs in Industry (2019)
Computer Systems Design Services29214.8%6.6%
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools1909.6%2%
Custom Computer Programming Services1698.6%6.6%
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools (State Government)1135.7%2.3%
Software Publishers1015.1%6.2%

Occupational Tasks

  • Oversee the daily performance of computer systems.
  • Answer user inquiries regarding computer software or hardware operation to resolve problems.
  • Enter commands and observe system functioning to verify correct operations and detect errors.
  • Set up equipment for employee use, performing or ensuring proper installation of cables, operating systems, or appropriate software.
  • Install and perform minor repairs to hardware, software, or peripheral equipment, following design or installation specifications.