Cement Masons and Concrete Finishers

Smooth and finish surfaces of poured concrete, such as floors, walks, sidewalks, roads, or curbs using a variety of hand and power tools. Align forms for sidewalks, curbs, or gutters; patch voids; and use saws to cut expansion joints.

Fast Facts

Hourly Pay
Entry Level: $17.73/hr
Median: $21.83/hr
Experienced: $27.21/hr

Current Employment
177 (2017)

Projected Employment
169 (2028)

Growth for Cement Masons and Concrete Finishers

2017 Jobs2028 JobsChange (2018-2028)% Change (2018-2028)

Industries Employing Cement Masons and Concrete Finishers

IndustryOccupation Jobs in Industry (2017)% of Occupation in Industry (2017)% of Total Jobs in Industry (2017)
Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors6536.4%20.8%
All Other Specialty Trade Contractors1810.2%2%
Commercial and Institutional Building Construction179.6%1.3%
Site Preparation Contractors168.8%1.9%
Masonry Contractors<104.5%3.4%

Occupational Skills

  • Set the forms that hold concrete to the desired pitch and depth, and align them
  • Check the forms that hold the concrete to see that they are properly constructed
  • Spread, level, and smooth concrete, using rake, shovel, hand or power trowel, hand or power screed, and float
  • Monitor how the wind, heat, or cold affect the curing of the concrete throughout the entire process
  • Direct the casting of the concrete and supervise laborers who use shovels or special tools to spread it